In the surrounding area...

Don’t miss out on...

  • the Ecomusée du Marais Salant, a museum located in the Fiers d'Ars bay, offering you the opportunity to discover how salt is produced in this unique environment.
  • the Phare des Baleines, an emblematic lighthouse standing tall and proud at the far western end of the island. Its 257 steps take you to a height of 59m from where you can admire a breathtaking panorama. Take the opportunity to stroll through its magnificent gardens to the sound of birdsong, which is very common in this part of the island.
  • an early morning adventure... by bike! With some 140 km of cycle paths, you can explore the whole island on two wheels. The paths are wide, practical and easily identifiable, suitable for both adults and children… and much safer than on the mainland. Cycling will certainly become your preferred means of transport during your holiday!

There are so many other places and sights to discover… just come and see for yourself!

Head home with lasting memories...

Head home with lasting memories...

You’ll undoubtedly have a head full of happy memories and phone full of wonderful photos, but why not take a little piece of the island home with you too?


  • HA Ceramics will certainly have that special something to add a holiday feel to your dinner table once your stay on the island is over. In Alexandra’s ceramic workshop, located in the pretty village of Loix, you will find a choice of elegant and stylish pieces to decorate your home. Be sure to pass by and meet this young and talented artist! For more information, click here: HA-céramique
  • Here, by the ocean, old sails are transformed into new useful items such as pencil cases and tote bags. The local brand par excellence, Esprit Voiles, can be found in the Village Artisanal, Loix’s craft village. So, there’s no excuse not to add some colour to your life after the holidays are over!  Click here to see some of their designs.
  • Loix’s local artisan soap maker, Loix & Savons, is definitely worth a visit! Here, you will be introduced to the secrets of soap making using donkey milk, because yes, the local donkeys don’t simply spend their time wandering around in their pyjamas! If you remember your history lessons, Cleopatra liked to bathe in donkey milk to have soft and healthy skin... well, it’s not just a myth! Solid soap, liquid soap, scented and unscented... there’s something for everyone in this fascinating soap boutique

...and indulge in local treats!

As a change from bags of Fleur de sel, here is a little selection of local products to be enjoyed with friends or family once you are back home:

  • Delicious jams from Les Papas Confituriers, prepared in copper cauldrons with passion and care, will delight your taste buds. Made with fruit that has been carefully selected by the Papas themselves, the range of products is simply delicious! You won’t tire of the classics which include strawberry and apricot, of course, but you will certainly be surprised by the originality of their seasonal collections. Click here for more information. 
  • Each year, the Ile de Ré potato delights connoisseurs as well as the newly initiated! This little ‘new potato’, distinctive by its size and thinness, is served at some of the best restaurants, including that of the Michelin-starred chef from La Rochelle, Christopher Coutanceau. The potato’s Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée quality label is the result of the producers’ commitment to respecting a strict list of specifications. Only with the best ingredients can you make the perfect dish!  
  • What better way to chill out after an afternoon of cycling than with a nice cold beer! The beers produced on Ile de Ré, the Bières de Ré, were the creation of an Austrian master brewer who fell in love with the island. Brewed exclusively with French hops and malt, and without preservatives or artificial colourings, the current master brewer continues to respect the original recipe offering varieties such as White, Amber, Citrus and even Cognac! You’ll probably be tempted by a second one... to be enjoyed in moderation, of course!